Sexy Style and Allure!

The lovely ladies of Allure: (From left: Akissa, LaLisha, Alia)

Above: Lalisha of Allure

Style Session: Alia was first up to be styled. Ashante' whisked away at her hair with shears, and cut it into soft layers with cheek skimming bangs. He snipped pieces around her cheeks, eyes, and neckline for a jagged effect. Afterwards, an assistant blew out and flat ironed her hair. Alia was ecstatic! " I love it!" she exclaimed. Next up was Akissa. The goal was to keep her hair long, but add volume and highlights. Strands of extension hair boosted the fullness and added a sexy glowing effect to Akissa's bangs. Long layers were cut into her hair for movement.
A large curling iron was used to bend her hair into flips and soft waves. "You look gorgeous Akissa!" shouted Alia. "This is so hot!" says Akissa with excitement.

For Lalisha, highlights were also added to her hair with extensions. "This is great because you don't have to color your own hair," she says. "I love to change my looks very often, especially my highlight color. One day you'll see me with reddish highlights, and the next month it's a golden shade. "It's fun to change up your look!", states the star. Ashante'
extended her length and added golden tips to the ends of her hair. A few layers were sliced into her hair and an assistant set Lalisha's hair on rollers. After drying, the rollers were removed and her tresses were brushed out; leaving loose waves and curls. "Working with Allure is amazing because they can work many different looks!"

       Coming Soon: Ashante's New Music Video "Let It Rock" featuring Allure!
Yes! Ashante' now brings even more drama , positive energy to the hair, beauty, and fashion scene with a hot new song and sexy music video called "Let it rock" featuring Allure! This video will soon debut worldwide fall 2010, so check back frequently for the posting coming soon so you can help this video become number 1 on youtube!!! Love Ya!


More Allure!!

HTG got up close with Akissa, Lalisha, and Alia of the hot music group Allure! It's all about fashion, beauty and sensous style, combined with melodic voices.

You first heard their multi-platinum hit with boy group 112 "All Cried Out" and "Head over Heels" featuring Nas. We loved their sophomore album "Sunny Days", with the hit song "Enjoy Yourself".

Up Close with Allure
It all began in high school for the ladies of Allure (formerly a quartet with member Linnie) The girls would perform at high school and talent events and mesmerize crowds with their vocal talents. Soon after, word got out about the girls who attracted the likes of Mariah Carey, who immediately signed them to her Crave Record Label. Allure soon popped up all over the world in magazines, TV, and on every radio station. What made them a success was that unlike many other music artists in the media, these divas can perform live and can really, really, sing in person.
No gimmicks, no studio tricks, just pure vocal talent.

Afterwards, Allure signed to MCA Records to release more hits, then later Ron Artests' Truwarier Records. Throughout their musical journey, the girls have always remained close as friends through the years to support each other. One of the things that has kept the girls together is their motto that God is in Charge.

Allures Photo Shoot with Star Stylist Ashante'
The lovely ladies of Allure spent a day at The Abode Salon in NYC getting gorgeous for an international magazine photoshoot with hairstylist Ashante.
"You girls are going to look fabulous!" Ashante said. "The look to be achieved today is glamour with an edge."

Above: Alia Of Allure

Favorite Allure music videos!

Enjoy Yourself

Ashante making up Allure

(above) Ashante and Allure in Sophisticate's Hair, and Salon Sense Magazines

What are they doing now?
Allure performed in Brussels, Belgium for the Hip Hop (e) concert, Amsterdam, Australia, and also were featured on Ice T's "Ice Loves Coco" reality TV show. Allure is working on their own reality TV show "Still Together" and will also be releasing their hot new album this year! Stay tuned to HTG for more updates!


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