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Beautiful Bangs

We Got You!
We know you want that hot new look so here's some style inspiration for you. From super short cropped bangs to long shaggy bangs.

If your eyes are your best feature like this model, show them off and go for shorter bangs so you play up your eyes and bring out your beautiful God given features.

Terri's Cropped Elegance ^
Get this look by having your bangs cut super short and razored throughout the cut. Short bangs are paired along with longer lush layers and perfectly shaped to frame Terri's face. A blend of highlights are placed throughout the hair for a glowing effect. Wrap hair at night in a circle and tie with a silk scarf for maintenance to keep the look fresh.

Khalia's Long and Lovely Bangs
These below the eye bangs are the perfect flirty-but-rare look! Yes, let the boys on campus stare but you're rare girl so all they can do is admire from a distance. Young cute and precious. Cut your bangs to the center of your nose with a razor and then sweep to the side. Longer lengths are cut around the face by slide cutting on an angle with scissors. Caramel and gold highlights framing the face puts the finishing touch on this masterpiece.

Mysterious Volume
Go full out fabulous with long bangs and soft layers paired with apricot colored hair on fair skin. Its a beautiful look that plays up your sensuality. To soften a more angular face, Star stylist Ashante' slide cut the models hair around the jawline and her angular bone structure. Next, a large barreled curling wand is used to bend the ends softly all over and add bounce. "we skipped the blow dry and used the curling iron to pump up the layers." says Ashante'.

Feathery Angel Flips
This wispy face framing style on Alana is great for the girl who likes low maintenance hair. Its a soft feminine look done by razor cutting and slither cutting. Light blonde paired with different shades of deeper blondes hightens the effect.


Sweeping Volume
Big hair is always in. Her razored bangs are cheek length and swept to the side. Denise sports super full bouncy bends and flips in different shades of caramel and golds.

Blunt and Beautiful
Hip Hop artist RedBone sports precisely cropped brow skimming bangs. Darker blunt cut bangs play up the sleek lengths which feature chunks of blonde and caramel color. The hair is blunted around the jawline for drama. A very powerful look for the no nonsense diva!
Forever Beautiful
Marisha sports bangs cut right on the eyelid. Layers are cut around the collarbone for movement in the style. Rich golden , brown, and copper tones play up the style and makes it pop!


Want to learn how to do beautiful natural looking weaves and extensions with bangs? Check out the Microlace Hair Extension Technique in our HTG Store!