Journey To: The Abode Salon NYC

Imagine a private hair and beauty session with a distingushed sexy handsome muscular male 6' 2" tall celebrity stylist with all attention focused on you! The Abode (which means the sanctuary or the home), is for the person who treasures a ultimate private relaxation getaway. It is an enchanting atmosphere providing exquisite personalized services in a setting of eclectic French, Italian, Indian and Moroccan decor. The Abode is known for turning out the hottest haircuts and hair extensions in New York. Clients and celebrities travel in from all over the world for the innovative hair extension techniques done only at The Abode by Revlon award winning hair stylist Ashante'. The crave? Long hair extensions and signature haircuts!

Blissful Peace
The Abode Salon is a peace retreat in itself, away from negativity. It evokes a wholesome feeling of tranquility and blessings. The interior consists 20 foot high oak wood ceilings, furniture of gold and cream design, , massage lounge chairs, golden vanity styling stations, and chandeliers . Working with the principles of balance and flow, there is always a breeze of fresh energy moving throughout the salon. Clients love the peaceful historic atmosphere, lounging indoors and outdoors, in a beachside landmark built in the early 1900's for the rich and famous european community. In the summer, clients can arrive early before their appointments and walk barefoot onto the beach in this "Baywatch" like community! Clients also love the feel of the decor, inspired by Ashante's visits to Morocco, Africa, Paris, France and England. Free internet access is provided for customers on a 42" screen as well! Sophisticate's Black hair magazine says its like an enchanted salon out of a storybook! Hype hair Magazine, Upscale magazine, and Salon Sense magazine rated The Abode as a top NYC trendsetter! The Abode has been featured in over 30 magazines internationally!

Escape To Fabulous!
With a remarkable emphasis on providing undivided attention to visitors, clients can request a fully private appointment. Often referred to as an "oasis" in the desert, The Abode provides a form of escapism for one who longs for privacy and signature style. Ashante' is known for his signature haircuts, which are featured in magazines regularly along with hair extension services. Prestige, integrity, and confidentiality are all virtues of The Abode . There is constant and continuous creative approaches to hairstyling, haircare and setting high beauty standards. "It's all about new goals, fresh ideas and looking fabulous!" states Ashante'.

Hype Hair Magazine and Sophisticates Black Hair articles featuring Ashante' as a top NYC beauty expert.

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