Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do i navigate through the site to get to each page and topic?
A. The image at the very top of each page returns you to the home page with all of the topics, when you click on it. Directly underneath the main image at the top of each page , there are topic tabs " HTG STORE, ABODE SALON, MAKEOVERS, GET THE LOOK, CELEBRITY STYLE," etc.

Click on the topic tabs to get to the page you want to see. If you get lost, (this is a big website, LOL!) just click on the main image at the very top of each page and it will take you back to our home page with all of the topics. Enjoy! Clicking on the header at the top of each page returns you to the home page.

Q: I want to buy your instructional hair DVD's, but i need to know are they really thorough and step by step?

A: Yes, they are very thorough. We show everything and do not leave you guessing. The DVD's are all about an hour long. We want you to look fabulous and be the best stylist out there. We also provide telephone support if you need further help after you watch the instructional DVD's! Each DVD is about an hour long and Ashante' explains each step while he is working so its easy to learn. We teach you the secrets other instructors hide from you and what other hairstylists do not know!

Q: I want to order your instructional hair DVD's by mail, what is the mailing address?

A: The mailing address for all instructional hair DVD orders is:

Hair To Go
244 5th ave,
# M218
NY NY 10001

You can print out the order form from our website, located under the main image at the top of each page which says "order by mail." Or you can type or write what you want to order on a sheet of paper, and then mail it in with your money order. Please call us to confirm once you have mailed out your money order so we can confirm your shipment and address.

Q: How long has Hair To Go and Ashante been in business?

Hair To Go and Ashante' are now celebrating our 20th anniversary!!

Q: Is it safe to order your instructional hair videos or book salon appointments through the internet through Paypal?

A. Yes it is! We use Paypal as our exclusive secured payment processor. Paypal is the most well known internet transaction provider and has great customer service. In the 10 years we have used Paypal, all of our customer purchases were safe, without any security issues, as paypal uses an encrypted code to protect your purchases and information. Also, we do not share customer information with anyone. Period.

How do i purchase your instructional videos online, if i do not have a Paypal account,
or if i just want to use my credit card without signing up with Paypal?

A. You can order our instructional DVD's online if you don't have a paypal account:

1. First select the DVD's you want, click the "Buy", and "Buy Now" buttons and you will be taken to Paypal shopping cart..

2. In the Paypal shopping cart, click the "proceed to checkout" button.

3. On the Paypal page, look near the bottom of the page and click where this line appears:
" Don't Have a Paypal Account?

Pay wih your debit or credit card, or bill me later."

Note: The card you are using to pay and email address must not be registered with Paypal . If it is, Paypal will ask you to log in and pay with your Paypal Account.

4. You are directed to a page to fill out card info, address, etc. Just fill out the page and follow the directions. When finally finished, click the "Pay" button and you're done! We can also help you shop and guide you through the Paypal shopping cart by telephone while you are purchasing.

Q. Can I order your instructional hair videos by telephone with a credit card?

A. Yes you can! Call our NYC location at . 347-201-8035

What are your procedures for booking appointments at The Abode Salon?

A: Clients can schedule from 2 weeks to 6 months in advance, depending on their occasion. Consultations must be made before appointments are granted. ($125.00 for weave consultations, $75.00 for non-weave consultations: all payments are non-refundable). This will assure that your appointment is secure with our hair stylist for your desired date.

You can book salon consultations:

  • With a credit card
  • By telephone: 347-478-6989
  • Or mail in a money order with you name, address, e-mail, and telephone number. Make money orders payable to:

    244 5th ave #M218
    NY NY 10001

Attn: Customer Care

Q: I am based in New York, but have a meeting in Japan. Is it possible to have your top stylist fly in with me to Japan to keep my hair and my image together?

A: Of course!! Hair To Go stylists and extension experts can travel worldwide with you to make sure that you look 100% professional for your business meetings and company functions.

Q: Do you only provide services for corporate clients in New York? I am from Botswana and I would like to have my hair extensions and makeup done at your salon.

A: The Abode Salon welcomes and has hosted clients from all parts of the world. Clients fly in from Los Angeles, London, Russia, Egypt, Brunei, and Rio de Janeiro for miraculous makeovers. Where ever you are in the world, you are most welcome to The Abode Salon and the Hair To Go experience.


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