Girl Curls

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Hey Girls!! Texture and curls are back, and in a BIG way!

The good news is you don't have to touch a blow dryer or curling iron. If your hair is naturally curly then you have got it made. If it's not, you can get in on the fun with customized hair extensions from The Abode Salon in Brooklyn, N.Y.C.

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Do it Big!
Curls waves and spirals are great for when you want to look sexy, feisty, and they allow the
convenience of being care free. How to spice up your curls? Fluff it up! Hair color highlights with golden tones and cinnamon tones adds a marvelous touch to darker ringlets.

Stock up on conditioners to help keep hair soft and bouncy. Silicone products can give shine and manageability to your hair. Just make sure that you condition, condition, and condition. This will keep your locks in tip top shape, and banish bad hairdays!



Avoid Tangling!
Try to be careful when cleansing curly and naturally textured hair. Make yourself a concoction of mostly conditioner with a few drops of shampoo in it to prevent tangles.

Never ever scrub when hair is wet. Gently comb hair out thoroughly from ends to root in small sections, with the conditioner/shampoo solution. Curls are best when allowed to air dry with a little bit of conditioner, or soft styling gel. Never ever sleep on wet hair unless you want to awaken to a tangled birds nest on your head in the morning!

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Want to get in on the curly hair trend without the long wait for hair growth?
Get the Perfect Hair Extensions DVD in our online HTG store. This extension technique looks totally natural, and it will have your hair growing so fast, full, and long, you won't even need the extensions after a while!


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