Inspiration: staying focused & speaking miracles
Comforting life and soul protection tips from Star Stylist Ashante!


Staying Happy, Focused, and speaking miracles!
The most important thing i have ever learned in life is to stay focused and plan goals little by little. Obstacles may try to prevent you from achieving your dreams so you need to surround yourself with positivity and be very aware of your thoughts and words. Know that you can overcome any obstacle thrown in your way because you are strong and you are blessed. Never let negativity take control of your mind, if you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, train yourself to always rebuke them as they are not worthy of your attention. Just think to yourself "that negative thought is void and removed".

You control your own thoughts and words
Only allow yourself to think and speak progressive positive thoughts that will benefit your life and you will find your life to be very fulling, happy, and enjoyable. You become what you think and say. You are a very special and beautiful creation and you deserve the very best in life. Set your mind and lips to knowing, speaking, and recieving greatness and you will achieve and enjoy success in abundance of prosperity. Never let anyone or anything try to convince you that you are less. You deserve all the best life has to offer.


Importance of Gratitude
I am grateful to be alive this day. In gratitude, i will look out for others and help them in any way i can, sharing my secrets and successful techniques that have helped me become an international expert leader. I am greatful to be the one you choose to help guide you to do what you love. I give gratitude for all the love, and support of everyone that has been sent my way. Let Jesus Christs protection, infinite love and abundance of wealth spread to those good souls in appreciation. Gratitude is important because when you are grateful, you are given even more. Gratitude keeps positive energy circling and replenishing our lives.

The Power in the name of Jesus

I love you so much because i know we are all connected with each other. Continue to spread love and ask that you continue be a blessing to others.. Each day pray Jesus guides you on this journey through life. Don't let problems discourage you or make you lose hope in life. I have been through many problems as well as necessary lessons. How good does it feel when you get over a problem you thought would never go away? It is important that we envision prosperity because we enrich each other. People support your job or business, which keeps you employed. You in turn shop, and support others which keep them employed, and the cycle continues in a circle.


Focus, Focus, Focus and speak your miracle
Focus on peace and love among humanity and all beings, as collective human thoughts create powerful energy fields. When spoken, words create vibrations in the atmosphere as this planet is one big pool of creative energy and electricity. Like static shock in your hands and hair you feel when you touch certain things. These energy vibrations shape into the things around you. That is why when we keep saying, repeating and believing things they come true. Your positive thoughts keep humanity free and keep you alive in goodness. Expand and multiply all of your communications by wishing infinite prosperity to spread among among all, which returns to you. When this is part of your focus, and words you will find that like minded people are attracted to you, which is wonderful because you share a bond with people of your same interest. I envision the Most High Creator (God) empowering my words and thoughts which makes them manifest even greater.

Keeping Tabs
Beware to keep close calculations of your energy and how much you talk to avoid burn out, as well as folks sucking you dry (especially at work) of energy. Some folks will talk you to sleep, and if you feel tired its because you're talking away your energy to them. Keep enough distance if certain folks are leeching you so you can replenish and continue to enjoy your life. Be sure to only keep company that sends love and energy to you like you do to them.
In creation we shall continue without giving up to obstruction. So this day i wish well for you my love, and that we will focus on uplifting each other in life always, keep planning and achieving our destiny, and erasing all fear, anxiety, stress, and live in good vibes and fortune. You are blessed, what is meant for you, you shall recieve in Jesus name. Speak it and let it manifest!

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