Inspiration: Never the Ego
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Never The Ego
People always think being successful means having a huge ego (obnoxious attitude) to go with it. But some people forget anything you have today can be gone tomorrow. Working in this industry you meet some of the most egotistical people. And the funny thing is when they are down and out, there is no one to call on to help because they let their ego put everyone down around them.

Building Bridges
My purpose is to always build you up in positivity regardless of status. I greet everyone i meet with a smile from my heart, regardless if they know me or not, or even smile back. No matter what you or i may have i make it priority to uplift you. Yes i have confidence and carry myself well, and have achieved major success i worked hard for, but i refuse the egotistical approach to life because it is you that builds me up. Without you, without me, without our well wishes toward another we are just shells of human bodies. What is important in life is the impact you have on your interaction with people to succeed.

We are
I made it priority to stop referencing to my "self". Now i think of "us". I let go of self, ego, and practice referencing to my existence as a "being" instead of "myself". Instead of I am, it is We are. We are in this together. There is strength in numbers and when you are selfless and good to people you will always prevail. We are so fortunate to have a home to live in, food to eat, and to be alive and well. So i send out prayers and focus on us all, so you can prevail, humanity can thrive, and "we" can prevail in happiness and abundance of wealth. Some folks build up egos because they feel that they are protecting themselves from the world, or just to feel elevated above everyone. But the more you imprison your life in an ego, the colder you'll get and do to yourself what you feared others will do to you, isolate and destroy.


Free To Be
So as i rant another day, i take the time out and appreciate everything, everyone and inspire as i have been inspired. I feel honored just to type right now and am honored that you are reading this. I hope you feel this good energy i feel today flowing into this article to you. I feel great and i want you to feel it! I was thinking of my instructional hair DVD's and if its one thing i'm so happy for is that it really captured my highest joy, which spreads to so many people. I burst out in happiness when i watch them because it caught me in such a high energy moment of happiness (and humor) in which you feel immediately. I had to adjust (lower) the volume on my tv because i was so energetic, i was literally screaming with Joy to teach my techniques. So know that i am ego free, and that i see you as us "being" together as one in LOVE!




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