Get The LOOK: Locs & Braids

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Divine Queen
Take your locs to new heights and look like royalty with this beautiful upsweep style. This style is great for formal occasions. Locs are french braided upward in the back and then swept up into a high ponytail twist. The front section is crisscrossed, while the top is allowed to fan out and cascade. Simply elegant, regal, and beautiful!





Hot Girl Style
All eyes on you with this fierce easy and carefree look! Skip the curling irons and hot tools and opt for big casama braids during the sunny season. This look is great for the beach, a party and outdoor events. To get this look, you can either braid a long weave in very large sections or get your hair braided in large braids with synthetic hair. The drama in this look is length, and random sized plaits. If your hair is naturally long and thick you can just braid it in large braids and top with a fashionable big hat tilted to the side. Work it girl!


Style Secret:

To keep your locks healthy and strong, never twist them too tight. when the hair is twisted too tight the locs begin to thin and break from the tension. Also , avoid overly tight updo styles that pull on your hairline. Use light oil moisturizers to avoid buildup on your hair.

Divine Dreadlock Upsweep

Take your locs to new heights with this queenly coif! Scoop your locks up into a high ponytail and then twist sections and pin so they fan outwards all over. Let a few hang around the neckline to bring out the style! You can get this look also by using synthetic dreadlock extension hair wrapped around your own hair in a high ponytail if your hair is not locked.

Mini Twist
Keep cool in this short style consisting of rows and rows of curly mini twists. Use a tailcomb and gel to twist small sections of hair into coils. This is a great style to wear if you're cutting off your relaxer and going natural or plan on growing out full locs. Use a light oil to keep the style looking fresh and your scalp moisturized. at night tie with a silk scarf to keep the style neat.
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