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HTG surveyed a group of men on their preferences of a woman's hair. Afterwards, the results were analyzed to create these tips to becoming the ultimate man magnet!

"A woman with big bouncy curls always looks gorgeous to me!"

-David Riggs, Professor, Brooklyn, NY-

TIP#1: Roller set your hair with a light setting lotion and medium to large rollers, depending on your length.

"Extremely gelled hair is a turn off. Especially when it's gelled flat like a helmet. I like it when I can run my hands through a woman's hair without it cracking, crunching, or cutting my fingers!"

-Roland White, Dentist, Queens, NY-

TIP#2: Go lightly on gel and mousse products. If it's necessary to gel or mousse, apply water then add a little gel or mousse to your hair.

"I like healthy hair. Any length is fine to me as long as it's healthy!"

-Louis Brown, Marketing Manager, New York, NY-

TIP#3: Keep ends trimmed every 4 weeks and condition regularly. Try to get a deep conditioning at least every 2 weeks. Maintain the relaxers every 6 to 8 weeks.

" I love a woman with long full hair. It's hot, sexy and very appealing to me."

-Kevin Mellis, P.H.D., Long Island, NY-

TIP#4: There are two ways to get this: 1.Grow your hair out for 3-4 years if it's short(Just hope he's still single then) 2. Get an undetectable hair extension by Ashante'. (He'll never know your secret!)

"Neat and well maintained cuts are my preference for a woman. I can tell alot about a woman by the way she maintains her hair"

-Curtis McFadden, Web Developer, Binghampton, NY-

TIP#5: Watch out ladies, this guy seems like an analyst. If you plan on dating guys like him, keep your cuts in tip-top condition. Have your cuts professionally catered to at least every 3 weeks.

"Super neat hair is boring. I kind of like it when my wife's hair looks wind blown."

-Jim Braithwate, Stock Broker, Staten Island, NY-

TIP#6: After you roller set or wrap your hair, simply add a bit of pomade to your fingers and lightly tousle or scrunch hair with both hands. REMEMBER to tousle lightly. Jim said "wind blown" not "caught in a tornado!"

"I once put my arm around a woman's shoulder. When I went to check the time, I thought that it was snowing!"

-Kenneth Worthington, Financial Advisor, Long Island, NY-

TIP#8: Hey, let's break out the skis! Dandruff, which is a commonly known problem can be controlled by using sulfur shampoos or adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo.

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