Magical Makeovers!!

Matrina Before: Her hair was in need of more fullness and body. Her hair is long but due to chemical processing, it began to thin and needed a rest from chemical processing. Ashante' suggested she try his microlace technique, so her hair could rest and thicken back up.


After: Matrina's hair is fuller and with highlights while giving her own hair a rest from styling and chemical processing. The style features a middle part with cascading length.

During: Ashante' gave Matrina fullness with the Microlace extension Technique. Matrina's hair is braided away flat and extension hair in medium brown and golden auburn is added in for a highlight effect. Ashante slither cut her hair along the edges so it would have a soft effect.

Lina Before: All of her adversaries are going to be there. Snobs, snoots and ladies who lunch. She's attending a party at the Play Boy Mansion and wants a more youthful, spontaneous, and sexier look for the night. There can only be one queen at this event!

We shampooed her hair and conditioned it. To add highlights, Intra-blend additions were placed throughout her hair. Her tresses are set on large rollers. When dry, we removed the rollers and brushed out her mane.The bangs are parted off and brushed forward.

Voila! It's sensuous, it's marvelous, it's gorgeous! Her naturally long mane was given a boost of golden highlights with temporary bonded extensions. The lengths were then gathered up into a high swept chignon and pinned into place. Bangs are brushed forward and wispy tendrils are allowed to cascade from the nape.





Jenny Before: She once had beautiful shoulder length hair. Chemical damage caused breakage and she was forced to have her hair cut. She was not happy with short hair and wanted her tresses restored. Jenny is a very fun, sexy, outgoing person, so Ashante' decided to give her a look that reflects and evenhance her personality even more!.

: To get her hair in its' best possible condition, Ashante' chose to protect her hair while she grows it out. The Micro-Lace Extensions are then looped in to inverts created in her hair. After applying the extensions, he snips the mane to shoulder length and adds in plenty of layers. A large iron is used to bend the layers inward.
After: OOH LA LA!! She's glowing! A sexy shag on shoulder length hair makes her look very chic. The Micro-Lace Extensions Technique allows Jenny the option to wear this layered straight style without having a relaxer at all! None of her own hair is left out so it will continue to grow while she's wearing the extensions! The Micro Lace allows her natural hair to rest and grow, while giving the illusion


of a full gorgeous crimson mane. "Men that are half my age approach me, and men that never noticed me before are trying really hard to start conversations with me!" she says. " Wow, would have ever thought you could have this much fun at 50!"



Martine Before: She's a model, dancer and actress. Ashante' suggested she try something different from the slicked back hairstyle that she usually wears. She's going to attend a gala event. She wants a look that's going to be stunning.

After: WOW! Step out in this hairstyle and all the attention is on you!! The brow kissing bangs, new hair color and layers makes this style absolutement fabuleux! With this style, she is able to have length, fabulous color, and beautiful volume. A side part adds allure to this very sexy cut.

GET THE LOOK: Ashante' cleansed her natural hair and conditioned it with moisturizing conditioner to get it soft and silky. A protein treatment worked wonders to strengthen each strand. Length, color and fullness was added with Intra-blend Additions to enhance her own hair. Brow kissing bangs and lots of layers are snipped in to give incredible movement to her new tresses. Styling lotion is used to set the hair on velcro rollers and allowed to dry under a hooded dryer. Afterwards, the rollers are removed and the bangs are brushed to the side.


Nia Before:
Nia wanted to give her natural hair a rest and wanted a look that required very low maintenance, while allowing her natural hair to grow. With a busy schedule working at an internet networking company, she wanted to look glam, but professional as well. While relaxing or coloring her hair her hair was not an option for her, she was open to trying a sleek lengthy look with highlights.


Nia looks absolutely amazing with her new lengthy style! This hairstyle features deep darkest brown hues mixed with golden brown highlights with lots of length . So Nia would not have to worry about her own hair being damaged, Ashante' twisted her hair away and then applied wefted extensions using his Sexy Hair Extension Technique.

Nia's hair was cut in layers to accentuate her eyes and cheeks using a chunking method. Afterwards Nia's extension hair was curled with a big barrel curling iron outwards around the face. and loose waves throughout. "Omg...I look totally different! With no makeup! Ashante', God has sent you to change my life! I feel like a star! I love it!" She says....

Cheryl Before:
Cheryl wanted a new look that was easy to care for that she could easily maintain herself without a lot of hassle.

During and After: Ashante' gave Cheryl Intrablend Extensions and integrated her hair in with the extension hair. He used golden blonde, and rich light brownsshades to spruce up her look. Afterwards he cut her hair in face framing layers to give it more volume. Cheryl's final look is sensational, wrap and go easy care, and she loves it!
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