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Big Fabulous Natural Style!

Golden Sexy Natural
Fabulous volume, sexy curls and perfect golden blazed color! What more can a girl want? Did you know that curly hair and textured hair has power? The spiral pattern of your natural hair captures the friction from the elements and atmosphere and sun. This friction is then absorbed by the body into ENERGY! Yes girl. Curly hair is like an energy generator. The universe moves in spirals and curly hair mimicks the pattern of the universe. LOVE your natural blessed hair! Keep it moisturized and conditioned. Braid it in big braids at night to keep it tangle free. Show off your curl girl!

Beautiful Bouncy Curls
Kameel is rocking lush curls with multi colored highlights in blonde and golden brown. This volume is achieved by wetting your hair with conditioner and water and then blow drying your hair with your head upside down. when curlls are dry, then shake hair and separate with your fingers. Setting straight hair on small rods can also achieve this look if your hair is relaxed. Spritz with a light oil sheen spray for shine!

Fabulously Full
Nicole Fiscella of Gossip Girl TV show rocks big sexy loose spirals when she's off set. The key to these big soft curls is leaving in a little conditioner and diffuse drying. Fluffing the curls when dry with your head upside down encourages volume with less frizz. Ponytail it at night when sleeping.

Short and Sweet
Rock this carefree crop cut and flaunt your beauty! You can two strand twist wet set natural, texturized or relaxed hair in medium sized twists and then undo them to get this fluffy look. Hair in sides and back is cropped shorter and hair in front is longer.

Fierce Lioness
Hot girls have all the fun with big extravagant hair that makes all the boys go wow! Braid natural hair in big sections wet and let it dry. Afterwards undo braids and fluff hair with fingers for volume!

Bold and Blonde
Turn heads and make a statement with sandy golden blonde curls and waves. Get this look by making large bantu knots on wet hair and then let it dry. Afterwards undo the knots when fully dry and fluff the sectiond with your fingers and mist with a light oil spray.

High Fashion Hair
This dramatic look is achieved by crimping natural hair with an iron and then finger styling into shape. Longer lengths cascade over the eye as hair is piled high on top. Its a trendy out there look you can rock going to a party or event.

The Fabulous Fro
Go full out fab with your fro! Bigger is better anyday with this style! You can cornrow your hair in big
braids while damp and then let them out when your hair dries. Pick it out with a big tooth comb for height
and lots of volume! Remember to keep it conditioned for softness and use very light oils for shine.