Shake Your Hair:
Ashante's Hot New Music Video!

Divine Beauty: Ashante' (center) and the Wilson Sisters, La (left) and Shi (right)

Lights, Cameras, action, flair!!
Star stylist Ashante' is always full of new surprises and has created a new buzz among the beauty, music, and fashion world with a new hit song and music video called "Shake Your Hair!" The song has 4 different versions and Platinum selling girl music group Allure is on the "Let It Rock" Version.

For those who personally know Ashante', he's a party animal and music fanatic. Very few know that before Ashante' began his career as a celebrity hairstylist, he performed as a dancer, drummer, and musician to huge audiences in New York City's Radio City Music Hall, Central Park, Pace University, Binghampton University and a mass of other large venues.

"Shake your Hair" is a funny spoof on the 80's rock era, (the metallic tights, glitter, big and super long hair) and its about having fun and Ashante's love for being a hairstylist."It's a club banger" he says. "I love what i do and i love having fun doing it". This energetic song is pop..rock..hip-hop...techno... all rolled into one bass booming tune!!

"I love what i do, and i love having fun doing it". says Ashante..

La's over the top trend setting ponytail!

Get La's Look:
To get La's look start off by smoothing your hair upward with a brush and pomade or light holding gel into a high centered ponytail. Use elastic bands to secure your hair.

Use long hair extensions and pin extensions onto the elastic band.
Hold your hair up with the extensions and then wrap some of the extensions around the base of the ponytail to create height. Secure the extensions wrapped around the base with bobby pins.

Tribal Glam
La rocks smoky eyes and facial designs, using silver glitter to create dots along the cheekbones and lines by the eyes and nose. Fuchia blush is applied to the girls cheeks and baby pink gloss on lips.

Shi's swoop bangs, highlights, and layered lengths!
Use a large curling to make big loose curls!

Get Shi's Look:

To get Shi's sexy swooping bangs, highlights, and layered lengths you can get Ashante's Sexy Hair Extension DVD in the HTG Store Section.

After hair extensions are applied lean your head forward and slide the scissors diagonally slowly from cheeks to ends of hair to create layers. Hold your hair upward and trim more layers in. To make sure there are no gap lines slide the scissors while you cut.

Alana Shakes her layered haircut! Get Alana's style on the Fusion Extension Technique DVD in the HTG Store section.

Model Anna Kay is rocking long bangs and layers with highlights. To get this look try the Microlace Extension Technique DVD in the HTG Store. To get the cut, slide cut the bangs with scissors and hold head down and slide cut from cheeks going down to the ends very slowly.
Rock on with Ashante' and Check out the Video "Shake Your Hair"!!
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