Sexy Short Hair Cuts


Short Styles are great because they are fairly easy to take care of and sleep on. Some of the hottest stars like Pink, Rihanna, and Halle Berry, became trendsetters with their short signature do's. Victoria Beckham joined in on the fun with her short crop for a while as well.

Be as fierce as you want to be in a sexy short cropped cut. These looks are cropped at the sides and back and feature feathery bangs in the front. The options are endless with short styles, you can fingerstyle and spike a short cut with styling gel or mousse, and even slick it or fingerwave it like a 1920's flapper girl.

Style with Ease! Rock a hot cut in the summer months to keep cool, stylish and sexy. Longer length in the front and shorter on the sides and back feminizes the look. Use a little mousse or pomade to finger style and Go! This look is also low maintenance and is great year round!

Before you go short.
Its always best to try on a short wig similar to the cut you think you want. Head shapes and foreheads are different so don't assume Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, or Halle Berry's haircut is going to look the same on you.

The shorter you go usually requires more maintenance for upkeep like getting the sides and back tapered or touchups with relaxers so it lays smooth. Usually every two weeks you need to have the style shaped so it stays looking fresh. With most short styles you can wrap it at night with a silk scarf and then comb or fingerstyle it in the morning before you go.

Watch that headback! Don't get so caught up in trends that you forget your head shape and size trying to get the new look. If your head is shaped like an eggplant, watermelon, or is frying pan flat in the back be careful with how short you go so you don't end up looking like a star trek clingon. Especially if it protrudes in the back near the occipital bone. Only let a stylist cut who is experienced and can work with all head shapes.

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