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Perfect Hair, Extensions,Weaves,Wigs!

Avoiding Style Bloopers and blunders, plus great remedies!

So you've been a novice of hair extensions, weaves, and lace wigs. You loved a style so much that you saw, you've decided to try it on yourself. A flawless hair extension, weave or lace wig can make you look fabulous... but the wrong mistake can make additions look obvious and fake!

How many times have you been out in public, at work, on the train, or at your local supermarket and witnessed a horrendous weave on an unsuspecting victim? (a track mama). Tracks, braids underneath, and wefts showing or hair and color that just does not blend is the most common culprit!

We have decided to campaign to help all hair novices, pre victims, and unsuspecting track mamas with bad extensions and weaves so that way we all can look fabulous, and not freak people out with bad do- it- yourself blunders.... check out our hair hints below for great hair advice!


The most common mistake is choosing colors and textures that are not complementary to your own hair.

EXAMPLE: Jennifer's hair is dark brown in the front and blonde in the back, the front is short and curly, and the back is long and silky straight.

A Hot funky Mess??!! Hmmmmmmmm...... Maybe Jennifer's hair was blended in the dark! When choosing shades of hair, opt for ones that are not too far from your natural color or at least complimentary to each other. For the best highlight combinations, ask for a color swatch and preview ranges of shades before you buy and apply the additions. If you're doing your own hair extensions or weaves, make sure that you hold the hair up in bright or daylight to see color against your own hair with a mirror. For hair textures, make sure that if you are blending additions with your own hair, you select a texture as close as possible to your own so that way it will look natural. If you want to wear a full head of extensions without blending issues, you can use a closure hair piece for the top section which looks like hair coming out of a scalp. It can be parted and can look very natural when applied properly.(See HTG Store for the Supermodel Hair Extension tutorial DVD).


A misconception to many is that a weave or hair additions is a protective style and require no maintenance.

EXAMPLE: Sharon is inspired by bed head look of fashion models, and decides she's not going to brush or comb her hair additions. She thinks messy hair is sexy, it's not her hair, so she doesn't have to wash or care for it.

Sharon is dead wrong! "Bedhead" doesn't mean "bad head"! The bed head look can be very sexy, but it does require work. IT IS NOT achieved by ignoring your comb or vent brush. By not washing and caring for your hair additions, you can end up looking like a big fluffy bird built a nest and died on your head! Extensions and weaves should be cleansed at the very least every two weeks and deep conditioned to prevent dryness, shedding, tangling and breakage. While full head weaves can be protective against heat and styling on your own hair, you must keep the addition hair moisturized because if the addition hair dries out, it will rub against your edges and cause breakage and even balding. Frequent conditioning is a must. If you love a bedhead look, Try curling clean hair loosely in large sections, and tousling with fingers to give an unstructured look to it.

BONUS TIP: Rubber tipped vent or paddle brushes are excellent for styling additions or weaves.

Cheap lace wigs are just plain bad. Worse if you try to fake a pull back style.

EXAMPLE: Kim gets a lacefront wig from her local beauty supply store and figures because its ventilated in the front it looks believable, so she decides to wear it pulled back, and now she gets weird stares from onlookers on the street.....

Maybe no one is telling kim that it looks like she has a helmet on her head with hair plugs! Worse, Sumo wrestler hair. The dead giveaway when wearing those cheap beauty supply store lacefronts is that the hairlines look fake, and they usually sit high on the head. Worse if the hair quality is like that shiny plastic doll hair. The best way to make a lace wig look natural is not to pull it too far forward on your forehead. Wearing swooped side bangs always looks best,or full bangs. Middle parts look ok if you leave a little of your hair out to blend and make sure the top lies flat without excess bulk. Get a good or decent texture of human hair and skip the really fake looking red and blonde synthetic wigs. Braiding your hair in cornrows or plaits underneath will help your own hair grow while wearing the wigs. But please don't ever pull back a lacefront that is very thick in the front with a dead straight hairline... unless you want to be the subject of many jokes....don't ruin that cute outfit with a sumo wrestler wig.


Improper or heavy glue applications can ruin your lace wig and your hairline.

EXAMPLE: Lynne wonders why wearing lace wigs are making her hairline dissapear. Everyone else is wondering why Lynne constantly has white fungus around her forehead.

Poor Lynne and her heavy handed application of that lace wig glue. It's seeping through her wig and building up giving the appearance of white dandruff or fungus... Lyne can do two things, skip the glue on her lace wig application and use lace tape, or use very light dispersed microdots of glue on the wig instead of speading it across the hairline like mayonnaise on a sandwich... Lace wigs must be cleaned avoid glue buildup. Wearing lace wigs glued down for weeks at a time is not advised because of the chance of chemical seepage in the glue...into skin. And glueing over already applied glue without cleaning is a recipe for disaster. In this case, less is more please be gentle or skip the wig glue girl.


How to cleanse itchy weaves and extensions yourself:
Cleansing your weaves and extensions at least every two weeks will help keep it moisturized and tangle free. As you sleep and wear your additions the friction and brushing causes the hair to dry out and the cuticle of the hair to swell, or tangling. To cleanse, first
brush out the hair from the ends toward the root gently in sections all over. Spray a mixture of 2 drops of peppermint oil, shampoo and conditioner all over, into the root section and ends. Or you can use a tea tree shampoo mixed with conditioner. Next, stand in the shower and massage your hair in one direction downward, never scrubbing. The peppermint oil will soothe and cleanse on its own. Brush hair downward from ends to root gently. Rinse and follow up with cream conditioner and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Rinse.... and towel dry.

Hair Weaving Tip:
When sewing in a weave, make sure your cornrows are close together and small. French braid if possible for less bulk. Sew the tracks/wefts close together at least half an inch apart, and use thin wefts. This will prevent a bulky look and it will make the hair lie flatter without gaps when you move your head.


Cold Climate Tip:

If your hair is permed or relaxed, watch out for hats that are made of wool or harsh rough fibers because they can cause major hair breakage. Line hats with a silky type of material to protect your hair from being damaged during the chilly seasons. Conditioning and moisturizing your hair frequently is vital to keeping it from breaking off, wheter it's real or added.

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