Beautiful Updos
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Divine Dreadlock Upsweep
Take your locs to new heights with this queenly coif! Scoop your locks up into a high ponytail and then twist sections and pin so they fan outwards all over. Let a few hang around the neckline to bring out the style! You can get this look also by using synthetic dreadlock extension hair wrapped around your own hair in a high ponytail if your hair is not locked.

Enter the room making a style statement with a sexy carefree updo that makes heads turn, with all eyes on you!!!.

Updos are a girls best friend and are great to wear with dresses that have high necklines, low decolletage, and form fitting silhouettes. Upswept styles also make you appear taller.

The sexiest updos this season are carefree, looking like you just piled your tresses on top of your head. They can be flowing with curls, wispy and straight, afro textured, or caught up in a chignon. Strands of free falling tendrils around the temples and neckline always makes an updo look sexier.

The sexy Temptress!
Set your hair on big velcro rollers for volume. Remove rollers, turn head upside down, and brush all hair to the crown. Leave out your bangs, and then swoop the hair into a beehive like chignon with a brush, securing with pins.

The Swirl: Get Your Party On!
Loving this hot style? Its easy to do. Curl hair all over with a curling iron. Make a side part for loose bangs. Pin the back of your hair into a loose roll. Then sweep the top of your hair up and around in a swirl pattern using a rake or claw comb for definition using pins to secure.

Exotic Beauty!!!
Curl your hair all over with a large iron. Leave out your bangs and gather you hair into four or five ponytails on top of your head (upside down) using elastic bands. Roll and pincurl each ponytail loosely and big and secure with bobby pins. Use a tailcomb to lift for height. Scatter a few strands all over, and sweep bangs to the side.


Enter the room making a style statement with a sexy carefree updo that makes heads turn, with all eyes on you!!!.


The Glamour Diva!
Roller set your hair or curl it all over in ringlets with a curling iron. Turn your head upside down and brush everything to the crown.
Use bobby pins to secure the hair on top and pull a few strands down around the face and neck. Use a rhinestone brooch at the sides or the back to add even more flair!

Blessed Majestic Beauty

This is the showstopper evening and elegant occasion look! Rollerset or hotcurl hair all over. Leave the front of your hair out for bangs and a little for long side wisps. Gather the hair high on top in 4 to 5 ponytails. Use extension hair if needed to make ponytails longer and thicker. Make big rolls all over on top and use pins to secure. Use a jewel necklace across the front to make the look divine!

Side Roll Sleek Sophisticate
Big on fabulousity and easy on styling time! No curling iron needed! Sweep your bangs over to the side. Then gather hair your hair over to the side of your head and then make a big roll securing with pins on one side. If you need, add extension hair or synthetic hair into the roll for fullness and big style!

Get this look!
Part hair in the middle leaving front out. Use a large curling iron to bend your hair all over at the ends, and pile the hair on top of your head in large ponytails with elastic bands. Make big rolls securing with bobby pins!! Use a tail comb to lift for height and shape!


The Beautiful Bun! (above) Part your hair at the arch of your brow, and sweep everything back to the nape of your neck in a ponytail. Secure with an elastic band. If hair needs length, wrap 20" extension hair around your ponytail. Use bobby pins, and twist loosely, while wrapping the length around, to secure in a bun. Tuck the ends of the hair underneath the bun and pin. Add chopsticks or skewers for more flair and to help secure even more.

Sexy messy upsweep
Curl your hair all over or rollerset it on large rollers. With head upside down, bring al of your hair up to the top and secure wit pins. pull down a few strands in the front and around the nape.

The Million Dollar Chignon
Step out in style with this sophisticated look! Sweep your hair back into three ponytails 3 inches above each other and secure with rubber bands. Use extension hair if needed for length and fullness in ponytails. Take each ponytail and roll it up in your hand loosely and pin it into place one above the next to hide rubber bands.

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Elegant Roll
Look like a sophisticate with this rolled up twist. swoop your hair back into a french roll and leave the front out. Twist to the top and secure with pins. Pull out some strands with a comb.


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